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TB-500 – What is it?

Posted by      09/25/2020 14:06:40    0 Comments
TB-500 – What is it?

TB-500 is the synthetic version of Thymosin Beta 4, a peptide that is created naturally in both Humans and Animals. Although TB-500 is available for research purposes, it is frequently used by veterinarians in clinical trials using TB-500 on racehorses. A major reason for this is due to​ TB-500’s incredibly powerful healing properties which speeds recovery from injuries. As a result of this benefit, TB-500 is commonly used in horse racing in order to increase performance and lessen the occurrence of injuries.

The 1960s​ saw the beginning of study into Thymosin and centred around the development of the thymus gland in the vertebrate immune system. Dr. Allan Goldstein started a company which formulated thymosin alpha 1, in order to increase immune cell activity and subsequently thymosin beta 4 or TB-500, in order to accelerate healing and wound repair.

TB-500 is not a prescription drug, the peptide has been used in horse racing to inhibit the formation of adhesions. The human use of thymosin was first recorded in 1974, with the first reported case being a young girl who was injected with thymosin due to a non-functioning thymus gland. Since then, an increasing number of athletes and biohackers have been using thymosin.

In various studies, TB-500 has revealed that it offers many of the same effects as that of growth hormone (GH), including but not limited to:

1. Greater muscle growth through increased strength.
2. Greater endurance.
3. Accelerated healing for wounds.
4. Reduction of acute and/or chronic pain including inflammation.
5. Greater increase in flexibility.
6. Increased hair growth.


TB-500 can control the upregulation of cell-building proteins. An example of this is TB-500’s upregulation of actin, a protein that forms together with myosin as the contractile filaments in muscle cells, as well as the metabolism and motion of other similar type cells. Due to actin’s upregulation, TB-500 can promote cell growth, cell migration, healing and the proliferation of cells. Besides the added benefit of creating new blood vessel pathways, inflammation is decreased for greater wound healing.

TB-500’s molecular structure and lower molecular weight make it very flexible and versatile improving its ability to travel greater distances through various body tissues. This accelerated ability to move throughout the body, allows TB-500 to target areas of injury to quickly begin the healing process. Additionally, people who have used TB-500 have reported greater flexibility, less inflammation in tendons, darkening of grey hair and improved hair growth. Most recently, there are studies underway testing TB-500’s ability to heal damaged heart tissue, It potentially aids the condition left ventricular hypertrophy aka athletes heart, a very common condition among Androgenic-anabolic steroids


As a result of TB-500’s use by veterinarians in healing the injuries of racehorses, Medivet-Equine a company that manufactures a non-prescription version of TB-500 analysed the results of the racehorses​, and has reported that TB-500 provides a diverse number of benefits to mammals of any size, including but not limited to:

1. Stimulates faster surface wound healing with minimal scarring and minor discomfort.
2. It provides healing at a cellular level, including stem cells as the main component of wound healing and organ regeneration.
3. Promotes blood vessel regeneration.
4. Has been shown to counter diabetes in canines.
5. Lessens joint inflammation.
6. Improved levels in stamina and greater endurance.

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